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Welcome to Early Foundations Child Care and Preschool

Creating a great childhood learning experience.

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Welcome to Early Foundations Child Care and Preschool

Healthy and nutritious meals to create vibrant minds and bodies.

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Welcome to Early Foundations Child Care and Preschool

Our Values: Caring. Innovation. Nurturing.

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Welcome to Early Foundations Child Care and Preschool

Stimulating and enriching Preschool Program for young minds.

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Educational and Play-Based Daycare and Preschool

Providing well-balanced Daycare, Preschool and Pre-K Programs for children 12 months and older. At Early Foundations, we believe in Happiness Through Learning.

Physical Activity That Becomes a Habit

Developing a love of physical activity on a daily basis for all children attending our programs provides both fun and health benefits now and in the future.

Welcome to Early Foundations

Calgary NE Best Daycare and Preschool

Healthy Nutrition for a Strong Body

Our daycare and child care food menu is designed by expert nutritionists and complies with Canada's Healthy Food Guide.

Emotional Health and Well Being

Providing a positive environment and outstanding role models naturally creates healthy emotional behaviours in children from one year to school age.

Our philosophy is learning through play as we offer a stimulating environment for children.

Leading by Example

One of the best methods we use to develop great behaviours in children is leading by example.

Emergent Curriculum

The latest research shows that daycare children learn best when their natural curiosity is nurtured, something we do every day at our centre through Early Childhood Education and Preschool Programming.

Early Foundations provides an environment where children are given every opportunity to shine and build on diverse learning experiences for a successful future.

A child-centred approach

We believe in placing the interests of each child at the centre of everything we do.



Combined years of experience of our child care staff.


Teaching Hours

Hours we have provided high-quality child care.


Satisfied Parents

Parents who have been satisfied with the quality of our child care service.


Meals Per Month

Healthy meals our children will be served to help develop a strong body.


High Quality Preschool Instruction

Annual hours we will be devoting to our children in the Preschool Program.

Our Classes

Our child care and Preschool Program have interactive, child-friendly classes

We provide Daycare, Child Care, Preschool, and Pre-Kindergarten classes for children 12 months to school age (infants, toddlers and preschoolers).

Each classroom is thoughtfully furnished to maximize the learning opportunities for children by incorporating the Emergent Curriculum, improving supervision ability of staff and ensuring various amenities, such as toilets and sinks, are custom built for ease of use by various age groups.

Bouncy Bears

Class 1

  • 12 and over

    Month olds

  • 12

    Class size

Little Angels

Class 3

  • 18 Plus

    Month olds

  • 12

    Class size

Little Learners

Class 4

  • 36 Plus

    Month olds

  • 16

    Class size


Class 5

  • 36 Plus

    Month olds

  • 16

    Class size

We have been educating children for over nine years. Our goal is to create a place that engages each child.

A healthy body, mind and spirit are the primary goal in everything we do. All aspects of our child care are designed so that each child reaches his or her developmental potential in a supportive and caring atmosphere.

  • Comprehensive reporting on individual achievement.
  • Emergent curriculum forms a part of daily learning.
  • Individual attention in a small-class setting.
  • A nurturing and healthy environment for every child.
  • Opportunities for a child to explore his or her interests.
  • Teachers who are role models for every child, every day.

Daily Learning

Providing diverse learning opportunities.

Tasty Meals

Meeting Health Canada and kids' standards.

Emotional Health

Providing a safe place for emotional well being.

Safe Place

A safe and secure place where kids can thrive.

Calgary Daycare and Preschool Programs

Early Foundations provides education in Daycare, Preschool and Affordable Child Care Programs in a warm, stimulating and caring environment. The Calgary Preschool program focuses on development of early literacy, numeracy, cultivation of social skills and preparing children for schooling. We focus on the principles of Early Childhood Education that combine the best practices of Child Care Education and a modified Kindergarten curriculum suitable for infants, toddlers and preschoolers between the ages of 1 year (12 months) to 6 years (school age). The Calgary Daycare and Child Care program is offered on a full-time basis for families in the communities of Saddleridge, Falconridge, Castleridge, Martindale, Taradale, Skyview, Redstone, Coral Springs, Whitehorn and more.

Affordable Daycare and Preschool: Early Childhood Education

There is a global movement supporting the importance of Early Childhood Education and its role in achieving social, emotional, cognitive, creative and physical development. Providing effective, play-based and educational Preschool and Daycare Program to infants, toddlers and preschool-aged children not only creates better learning today, but healthier communities for tomorrow. In our Preschool and Daycare Program, we use a variety of teaching methods and techniques in the classroom such as technology, arts, music, drama, dance, meditation, outdoor play and social activities. Utilizing proven teaching methods of early literacy, early numeracy, citizenship and identity, environment and community awareness, science and leadership development, children in our Daycare and Preschool Program get a head-start in their journey towards success. Age-appropriate development of children's minds is our primary goal; whether the child is an infant or a preschooler, they are always invited to learn through play and to enjoy the process of learning. Our goal of creating a great learning experience is achieved when each child opens his or her eyes to the world that is waiting to be explored, cared for, and to reach for the stars.

How to Enroll Your Child to a Class