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Welcome to Early Foundations

Healthy Child Development

We believe in providing an environment that contributes to all areas of child growth.

Friendly and Educational Atmosphere

quality child care.
Our unique model of child care focuses on quality child and teacher interacion to create learning opportunities.

Teachers facilitate the innate curiosity and wonder in child towards self-directed learning and growth through the use of an Emergent Curriculum.

Message from The President


I would like to welcome you and your child to our preschool and childcare. I believe that children are our most important asset, and it is my privilege to oversee the nurturing and development of your child in the best way possible. Early Foundations is built on the belief that each child deserves the best physical, intellectual and developmental childcare in an environment of caring team members. We aim to bring safe and effective childcare based on research, while adopting a caring and growth oriented mindset. It is our main priority to ensure the first step of your child into schooling will be a positive one, and will lead to memorable moments of learning, play, friendship and discovery.

How to Enroll Your Child to a Class