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Multiculturalism and a Global Community in a Child Care Setting

Friday, January 12, 2018
Posted 1 month ago

Given the increased interconnectedness through the Internet and a diverse population in Calgary, education in multiculturalism is an essential part of Early Childhood Education. Ensuring children are given the opportunity to observe, hear and experience cultures from around the world is a fun and educational component of healthy development. [...]

Short and Long Term Effects of Early Childhood Education

Saturday, December 30, 2017
Posted 2 months ago

There have been numerous studies over several decades that investigate the effects of Early Childhood Education on children. Many of these studies have been conducted on children from low income families. Some of the earlier studies had found that children from low income families gained the most advantage from Early Childhood Education, with an increase of about 8 IQ points. The effect, initially, was seen to be modest for children from higher income families. [...]

New Slogan for Early Foundations: Happiness Through Learning

Monday, December 25, 2017
Posted 2 months ago

This is a press release to inform all interested readers that Early Foundations has adopted a new slogan and trademark, "Happiness Through Learning" to better reflect its core purpose and communicate clearly with all stakeholders on its core mission. [...]

The Role of an Integrated Preschool

Tuesday, December 19, 2017
Posted 2 months ago

A small percentage of children in the Preschool age group display cognitive or social development which can seem to lag behind their peers. This can continue for a few months or longer. At Early Foundations, we are a strong supporter of an inclusive approach to Early Childhood Education, and we incorporate children of varying abilities in our regular Preschool programming. [...]

Video Games and Their Effect on Young Minds

Saturday, December 02, 2017
Posted 3 months ago

Video Games and Their Effect on Young Minds - blog post image

It is no more a dystopian vision where digital screens will be in every room, perhaps making us dependent on technologies. The interconnected devices now permeate every floor and every room of most households in the modern world. Given the crucial years where children are expected to pick up the most fundamental and essential habits for future success, it is now more important than ever to give extra attention to the formative years of brain development. [...]

Healthy Habits for a Life of Success

Sunday, November 12, 2017
Posted 3 months ago

Healthy Habits for a Life of Success - blog post image

Of all the behaviours we endeavour to ingrain in a child, one of the most important is social development. A 3 year old preschooler entering Early Foundations has a vast array of attributes he or she has picked up from parents, siblings, relatives and the community. The experiences of this child are often steeped in cultural, linguistic and possibly religious dimensions. The first day of a preschooler in our Academy provides a new routine with a daily structure that provides an opening to new horizons. Meeting her teacher, playing with other children and spending time away from parents initially provides challenges and opportunities to pave the way for growth and learning. [...]

Technology and Early Childhood Education

Wednesday, October 25, 2017
Posted 4 months ago

Technology and Early Childhood Education - blog post image

There is a variety of literature on the usage of technology, and a wide range of professional opinions of how it affects children in their formative years. Given the increasing number of digital devices, most of them connected to the Internet, it certainly raises several important questions. How soon can we give a child a tablet, a cell phone or give her access to a desktop? What is a safe amount of daily online exposure for a child, or is it even safe at all?  [...]

Preschool education and its role in brain development

Thursday, October 05, 2017
Posted 5 months ago

There has been a global movement advocating the importance of Early Childhood Education. At Early Foundations, we provide Early Childhood Education both within the daycare and preschool program. The primary difference is that the daycare program's curriculum has more time available to master some of the skills, knowledge and attitude that may otherwise be complemented through parental instruction. The preschool program is of a shorter duration, but is more streamlined and arranged to instill age-appropriate knowledge, skills and attitudes that are neccessary for a successful future and encouraging a play-based learning method. [...]

Emergent Curriculum: Play, Participation and Possibilities

Saturday, September 23, 2017
Posted 5 months ago

Emergent Curriculum: Play, Participation and Possibilities - blog post image

The direction of Alberta's child care framework for early learning is centred around an Emergent Curriculum approach. In particular, it deals with one of the most effective methods to aid in the development of daycare-aged children so that they will become successful in the future.  [...]

From childcare to Educational Success

Friday, September 22, 2017
Posted 5 months ago

From childcare to Educational Success - blog post image

Parents whose children attend our centre regularly display interest in learning how we can prepare, or at least provide some support, to their child for success in schooling. Being proactive in addressing school readiness in a child shows interest on the part of the parent and something we are passionate about. [...]

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