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Early Foundations Daycare Children Holding Hands

Welcome to Early Foundations

Quality Daycare in NE Calgary
Mission Early Foundations provides an environment where children are given every opportunity to shine and build on diverse learning experiences for a successful future.
Vision To achieve a high approval rating and become the preferred choice of parents who are seeking child care and preschool services. 
Core Values Caring. Innovation. Nurturing.

Preschool Program Included

Learning Through Play
Comprehensive Preschool Program for Daycare Kids  We provide an in-house Preschool Program for all children attending the child care program at no additional cost. This includes access to our fully-featured Preschool Studio, complete with age-appropriate curriculum, multimedia access, introduction to writing, reading and more! 
Inviting Children to Learn Naturally through Emergent Curriculum We invite children to use their natural curiosity to learn about the environment around them. Using a daily theme, we organize the learning process while allowing natural moments of learning to occur.

Delicious and Nutritious Menu

We Prepare Fresh Meals Everyday
A Variety of Meals to Encourage Healthy Eating We always buy the freshest ingredients and prepare meals with care to create tasty meals that children enjoy and also cater to children with food allergies or special requirements. 
In-house Cook We have a commercial kitchen which complies with Alberta Health standards with a certified cook.

Custom Designed Facility

A Place Where Kids Thrive
Custom Built Classrooms We have floor-to-ceiling windows in a state-of-the-art facility. The children spend valuable time to learn and grow in beautiful surroundings that complement their inner curiosity about the world.
Washrooms and Furniture is Customized for Different Ages Children are provided an excellent environment where they have access to age-appropriate tables, chairs, sinks and toilets to make their experience at the Centre comfortable.

Latest Technology Integration

Using Information to Meet Parents' Needs
Keycard access and Security Cameras Parents access the Centre through a highly-secure keycard, preventing unauthorized access at all times. Each classroom has cameras, including hallways and the exterior, to ensure a high level of insight.
Daily Reports Sent Via Email Parents receieve daily reports about the child's activity at the Centre; inlcuding learning, eating, sleeping and bathroom routines. Parents can also send and recieve daily messages with the Staff using email, phone, and an online app.

Active Foundations(c) Curriculum

Daily Physical Activity for Kids
One of the Largest Daycare Playgrounds in Calgary Our playground is a large, 18,000 square foot space with beautiful green area fenced on all sides with the highest level of safety. This ensures children can run, play, learn, socialize and enjoy their stay at the daycare with fervor.
Active Foundations(c) Curriculum Our physical activity curriculum consists of a daily routine that builds gross motor skills, improves agility and develops a sense of accomplishment and pride in being active each and every day.

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